Retirement Options and Marriage in the Philippines

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First off, anyone can come to the Philippines for a 21 day free vacation to meet Filipino girls on a Filipino dating excursion and have a marriage in the Philippines. After the 21 days though it's going to cost you 50-100 bucks every two months. The slop in that figure is because the Government loves to vary your fee schedules. On their government immigration website they've got 4 different schedules for 6 one time payments. It's kind of crazy but there you go, essentially if you figure 600 bucks you should be able to stay here for a year. The search for Filipino love and Filipino girls doesn't have to be held up by frustrations at the immigration office.


Secondly, if you're into Filipino dating and you've already got yourself a Filipino girl, you can just have a marriage in the Philippines to the Filipino love of your life and apply for a 13a Permanent Visa. Having gone through the process myself I've got to say, get 1.0-1.5k USD scraped together and go to an agency. You'll need your passport and be ready to fill out a couple government forms. Within a couple months, you'll have a temporary permanent Visa good for 1 year and a valid form of ID here. At the end of this year, you show up back at the Agency and get it regularized to a permanent visa. They call it an I-card but for all intents and purposes this is the Green Card of the Philippines. With this I-card and your passport you can now legally set up your very own bank account here in the Philippines. Or course, maybe you don't want Filipinas or Filipino girls, and Marriage in the Philippines isn't the route for you. So if you can't find Filipino love and the right Filipino girl for you, then forget about the whole Filipino dating scene and go straight to the next option.


Our third option is what is called a Special Resident Retirement Visa or SRRV. The SSRV is for those of us with money in the bank and/or a pension. The Philippines is a very welcoming country and even though the Filipinas tend to be loyal girls, some of us have just been burned one too many times to consider marriage in the Philippines or Filipino dating for Filipino love. So for this you've got a couple choices. If you are over 50 and you have a pension, then all you have to do is deposit 10,000 USD into a bank here in the Philippines and fill out some paperwork. All of which can be done while you are in the country. Or if you don't have a pension and is over fifty, you can deposit 50,000 in the bank. Finally, if you are in your mid-thirties to late forties you can deposit 75,000 here and they'll let you stay with a special retirement visa. Figure an additional 2,000 in filing fees, in addition to whatever you've got to put in the bank and now you're golden. You can sit back on a tropical beach with the Filipinas or with a Filipino love and watch the waves come in without worrying about over staying.


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Retirement Options and Marriage in the Philippines

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Retirement Options and Marriage in the Philippines

This article was published on 2012/03/26